My kit doesn't fit - Okay so lets help you - your bike is a ninja zx6r 2007 your sure, its changed hands 4 times, you say your Crash Protector Kit doesn't fit. No problem, before you do anything VERIFY that your bike is what you think it is. MANY times its an older model on a newer number plate. A dealer might not sell a bike for 3 - 4 - 5 years. The MODEL is still 2002, but the plate says 2007. This is where 99% of the confusion comes from when ordering parts. Please learn as much as you can about your bike prior to ordering, of if you are regularly having this issue its quite likely your ordering for the wrong year OR Variation - cbr600 - cbr600f - cbr600rr These are different bikes and the name has been reused since 1988 ... Of course we will help but we need you to look into it first so we know what you need instead.

Can I Buy R&G Spares - Yes - There are over 90,000 fittings across the R&G range, so we will provide HALF KITS IE- Left or Ride replacement kits - however, we are unable to offer single bolts / spacers / bobbins at this time.

Can I get it in White - Yes - There are VERY few kits we cannot supply in white, but because they are not as popular out stocking is 50% of the black counter part. ( fork Protectors are not available in white unless listed in our store )

My Bar Ends don't fit ! - R&G products are OEM fit, so they are only going to fit original Clips ons / handles bars - if your original bar end got ripped out in a crash it took the rubber grommet too - R&G Renthal / LSL17mm Conical Bars Ends will fit - BE0023BK

You sold me a HALF KIT but it won't fit - We send out what we are asked for, each bike has variations - UPPER - LOWER - MID mount kits - CUT or Non-Cut Kits, if you didn't specify what you had fitted you will get the standard fittings

Heated Grips Fittings - Please see our Guide

My Tail TIdy number plate light doesn't work - Yup, sorry R&G made a booboo, put the wires the other way round and it will light up, there was an affected batch and some are still filtering through

The Crash Protector bolts is the wrong thread - R&G build the kits based of physically fitting to the bike model specified - its is unlikely that the thread will be wrong - quite likely your bike is older model - but make a note of the thread and R&G will supply a replacement bolt to help you.

My products missing parts - in the unlikely event something is missing, look at the photo and EMAIL for a replacement part by number with your contact details - this will be supplied to R&G for a free replacement