About Us

The name j20m comes about from our previous location "junction 20 of the M5" we have since grew to like it, but have since moved. The Junction and Motorsport element of our name has been dropped in favour of a simple J20M.. .

We have been selling R&G Racing products since 2006, and one of the few people who really appreciate the service and quality R&G offer. There are plenty of copies out there, but only one R&G.

Our Team is made up of 5 close friends and family members, we are quite relaxed, and all very friendly. Most importantly we are entirely honest, we haven't got it, chances are that no one else has either so we will tell you !

The business has a dedicated storage facility for R&G Racing, where we have 72 three meter bays of racking. Every R&G product is on hand, set out on single shelves, never stacked more than 3 deep, and ready to be dispatched.

We currently focus on serving the UK market and offering parts backup and short delivery times.